I certainly had a checkup from the neck up this morning.

Not sure if it’s just us or if everyone experiences it but, it seems like the closer we get into our calling, the less and fewer people are there supporting us. (I know… pride)

Again this morning for the umpteenth time, I took this before the Lord, and He listened patiently.

He said one thing that absolutely changed my perspective and drove me to repentance.

He said, “you are building a ministry, not a fan club.”


May we remember that the calling of God, the power of God, the anointing of God by far supersedes that of even 100 billion men.

My thoughts now: I will take the ministry with our Mighty Creator at the helm.


Excuse me, while I step aside.


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Your Purest Gold

Living waters come into me,
Overflow abundantly

Flood the deepest part of me,
Removing what’s unclean

Hear my whispered plea,
in the darkest of the night

Remove, flood, take over me
and bring your morning light

Tender kisses gently fall,
Your favor in my life

May Your hand lead me all,
my earthly days of life

Removing mask, transparency,
uncovering for you to see

Bearing all, the deepest part,
no more hindering

Consume me, Lord, with Your fire,
remove my days of old

Consume me, Lord, with Your fire
bring forth Your purest gold


Paula Allday


In the Presence of the King

That gentle nudge
that wakens me
and when He calls my name…

The drawing me into His presence 
where I’ll never be the same

The hunger billows up
from a well so dark and deep,

His refreshing waters replenish,
overflowing out of me.

Made free, alive, and whole…
No one else could ever do

In the presence of the King
Hope restored.. hope renewed

Oh! To know the Master
To feel His love for me

To live, breath and have my being,
In the presence of the King

Paula Allday



Just as in many fights, there will be distractions that will allow your opponent to deliver a hard left hook as you are looking elsewhere. BAM!! and you are OUT cold!!!!

Remember, those distractions can be the factor that takes you out of the fight…. In this case, I am speaking of the race set before you.

If your adversary can distract you just enough to get you off focus… then he’s got you.


Look ahead and stay on course. Don’t look to the left, right or back. Look to the finish line, for your reward it there.

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THAT feeling

THAT feeling,
you know, the one where you feel a leap from within when you hear the love of your life call your name.

THAT feeling where your body, soul, and spirit tremble beneath the breath of the one you desire.

THAT feeling which all heaven and earth feel in her belly when the Mighty Creator enters in.


Ice Cream Party

OH!!! How I LOVE and eagerly wait for HIM,
my LOVE,
my JESUS!!

Do you hear HIM calling?


We are in control of our own thoughts and feelings.
If we don’t tame and direct them, they will most certainly control us.
HowIGotOver Thoughts.png
Father help me control my thoughts and think on Your word and peaceful things. Help me not be swayed by every thought and feeling that passes through my mind. For those things are temporal and Your Word is forever lasting and True.



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His Love


beyond the veil.0.jpg


There’s a place he calls those,

He has marked as his own.

There’s a place he calls them to,

this world has never known.


Far away from this time

into the place of holy,

beyond the darkness of this world

through the veil He draws me.


His love so passionate,

most intimate and deep,

beyond the veil I go,

as he gently calls to me.


He lifts me up before him,

He tells me He loves me so…

His presence pours into me,

His Spirit into my soul.


In this place of holy

forever I long to stay,

just to feel my saviors touch,

where earthly cares fade away.


His ways are perfect!

Great and wonderful is He!

Oh! To know the Master

and abide in His love for me


Written by Paula Allday 06/25/2017


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