Vulture, Victim, or Victor

Vulture, Victim, or Victor

Laying atop the hot desert sand are the remains of what once was full of life.

Now there simply is a vessel that lays parched and it’s contents trickling out on this dry gritty ground. There she lays.

There seems to be a bit of movement, and I see a hand reaching toward a pouch that is almost empty of water.

Just as quick as there is movement, vultures vultures vultures everywhere!
Some peck at her red stained lips while another is attracted to the shiny bangle on her wrist. Her body flinches in pain, but she still reaches her hand toward the water skin pouch. Quickly, a vulture lands on her hand, and as she tries to position the pouch for a sip, the vulture goes for the ring while clawing deeply into her flesh. Sadly, in the process of trying to remove the pretty shiny items….. she is wounded, left cut, clawed, scratched and sadly pecked….. until death.

If only she could have a sheltered place to rest and freely drink. Perhaps shelter from the birds…… maybe

I have seen this all to often happen in our alters. Children of God and their merciless killings taking place. It seems in today’s time, you are one or the other.
The vulture or the victim.

Thankfully I don’t have to chose either one.

I am the victor, but only by the grace of God.
I have chosen to be the arms by the alter.
The arms that hold truth and cradle in love.

As a victor, I can the help others to safety…
……to live victoriously in Jesus.
In His grace, in His mercy, in His love.

What have you chosen?
Are you the Vulture, the Victim, or the Victor?


For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. Luke 6:38



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