It’s not so much as YOU connecting with others as it is that OTHERS connecting with you. After all, If you are truly the servant of God as professed, then you won’t mind me saying… “It’s not about you”.

Being transparent brings that about…. Connecting

If the others see you sitting pretty in a rose petal box, they most likely will not ask you for help. Why would they if they feel you have never walked in their shoes? But, If they are facing a mountain and know you’ve conquered the same one on your journey…. they will come in droves.

I don’t want to hide behind a mask for the world to think I have it all together. One day that mask could crack and then the cost of everyone seeing what I have hidden could be more than I am willing to pay. Instead, I want to be real, authentic, let’s say…. transparent. I’ll keep it real and simple.  Because if I have to hide it… it must be something I am ashamed of and that my friend needs to be handed over to God.


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