I put Chloe on the edge of the pool. She squealed with laughter, looking at me as water ran from her hair, trickling into her eyes.

“Good Job Chloe!!” I exclaimed. “Good Job!!”
Her face shone with joy. She just completed her very first pool-side reach from being completely submerged under water, and she did it fearlessly!!! I was and still am one proud Ginny.
“Come on! Jump!!” I cried with excitement “One! Two! Threeeeee!!!” “JUMP!!”
She was slightly hesitant, and there she went! I let her jump without assistance, and when she was ready to come up for air, I was there to help her.
As her face emerged from the water, she wiped her eyes and then as fast as she jumped, that big smile she has took over as she screamed: “I DID IT!!!”


I thought to myself this morning how often God urges us to jump into his plans for us, and yet we hesitate. Sometimes we wait or put it off so long that we allow fear to take over. If we would push past that fear and just Jump.

Chloe KNEW her Ginny was going to catch her.
She KNEW I would not let anything happen to her.
Our Heavenly Father is the same way.
When He calls His children to a task, He will see us through it
He only wants us to trust Him.

He cannot catch us if we don’t jump.






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