Because He 1st Loved Me.

In the wee hours of this morning, I found myself tearfully and joyfully reflecting back on memories of my husband and how wonderful he is to me.
How he reassures me of his love for me through various ways, spoken and not.

How he is not just “any” man… but “the” man God chose for me.

Many years back I wrote a list of things I desired in a husband. One of those qualities on that list was that he loved me as God planned for a man to love his bride.
“As Christ loved the church.”
I’ve often told John that he loves me in a way that “no” man is capable of unless God was in it.

God knew my emotional needs and handpicked the perfect man that had a heart big enough for the purpose… that would equip us for the journey together.

He is special… and he was chosen.

Today I found myself humming a phrase of a song…
♫♪ Because he first loved me ♪♫
After about 15 minutes, it hit me.

He (God) did it again!!!

See… no one knew…nor did I at the time…. that John loved me before I loved him.
It was his love for me that drew me to him.
♫♪ Because he first loved me ♪♫


is quite fitting.
He loves me just in the way I asked the Lord for him to….
As Christ loved the church.

And I love him.

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