The Whole Package

I was attracted to my spouse for who he was.
Perfections and imperfections…. together.

John and I
The strong manly things and the weird little annoying things he does that has me question his sanity. 🙂

All this made up the whole package.

I didn’t get to pick and choose what parts of him I wanted to love or not because they were not inseparable from him.

I didn’t fall in love with him for who I could make him…
but for who he was.

We all are on a journey, one I chose to walk “with” him.

When we are only looking at our spouse’s faults, we cannot see their accomplishments. Magnifying his imperfections will prevent you from seeing him as God sees him. It can also leave you feeling hopeless and stuck.

Reflect back on the things that you first fell in love with about him.
Thank God for him and for loving you through him.

Set “belittling” aside for it tears down the man you fell in love with and prevents him from becoming the man God has meant for him to be.

Build up your spouse with words of kindness.
Strengthen him with words of encouragement.
Put on peace and be kind to him.
Speak life into your marriage and into your husband’s heart.


Remember, your both on a journey that you both chose to walk together…. enjoy it 🙂



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