The Wounded Soldier

In prayer today, I saw a great battlefield.

A wounded soldier was being carried to safety by his comrade.


I thought…

“Soldiers don’t leave other soldiers wounded on the battlefield. .. they carry them to safety.”

My heart was stirred and filled with sadness as a reflected over the previous recent years.

In 2012, I laid wounded in the midst of a great battlefield…alone. My comrade was nowhere to be seen or heard. My loud cries for help went unheard.

What does a soldier do when they are wounded, near death, face down and alone in the midst of a great battle? Some would think perhaps to give up for certainly in this situation, with the enemy all around, that would be the most logical. However logical it was, I chose to pray for a miracle and wait. …. and wait some more.

God heard, and carrying me securely in His arms, He placed me in various areas where I could receive spiritual care and nourishment for recovery. The spiritual infirmaries not only cared for my wounds, but they also encouraged me to continue fighting the good fight of faith. To keep on keeping on.

This particular season in my life showed me the extreme importance of intercessory prayer and our obligation to it. It showed me that prayer is the avenue that opens our spiritual eyes to see what is in the unseen. The place where the real battle is won.


Please remember the wounded and hurting. They may be the one who later brings you to safety or covers you in prayer as you help another.

It is a battlefield out there, someone needs you.

The question is, who are you interceding for?




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