Prophesied Healing


Many know of my (Paula) journey dealing with my thyroid and my immune system’s mission to kill me.

……. Somewhere in the early 90’s, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. After 20 years of taking thyroid medication, (as well as 20 other prescriptions for various ailments) my routine labs began to come back abnormal. (abnormal for someone on thyroid medication) Shortly after that a lump was found on the left side and within two months that side of my thyroid “had” to be removed. It was benign.

Five days post-op my immune system came back with a vengeance,  but I was the victim. It was out to destroy me by taking out the rest of my thyroid aka autoimmune disorder.

Years before, on July 31, 2002, I received a “promise” from GOD through the mouth of Brother Charles Pierce He prayed for me, and I wrote it down. I didn’t realize HOW IMPORTANT this promise would be till I was five days post op… 11 years later.

Thyroid healed

Since the partial thyroidectomy, I have suffered many health issues. From my heart, hormones, etc. and has crossed into the kidneys and so forth. I would spend days in bed unable to participate in basic day to day things of life.

On more than one occasion I even prayed for God to just “take me” home. If this was the quality of life I was going to have to endure the rest of my days here on earth… to please take me. I didn’t want this; I wanted a “full” healthy life that I could enjoy. (But I was losing hope…. even with the PROMISE)

When GOD gives you a promise… you best hold onto it. It is because HE knows you “will” need it.

Holding onto that promise, I received prayer on more than one occasion. The most recent were from Brother Simons. This was the last time, and it was the only time I “really” understood the scripture Mark 5:34 in a revolutionary way.

I said all this to say…. IT HAS HAPPENED.

I have been MEDICATION FREE since August 01, 2015!!!


I am functioning better than I have in almost 20 years.
I have energy, my emotions feel stable, I don’t tire as quickly as I used to.
I cannot tell you how much better…. more alive I feel. I forgot how it felt to be able just to get out and shop, walk around a store for pleasure.



Thank you to ALL my brothers and sisters who have obeyed God and those who have prayed for me in this situation….. but most of all, I give THANKS TO GOD!!!

Brothers and sisters HOLD on to your promise. It’s coming!



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