Ear the Heart

I remember one year at a Texas District Youth Camp Meeting, the speaker asked for volunteers to play the instruments on the platform.

From the congregation of quickly raised hands, he selected one volunteer for each instrument.
Not one of them had ever played an instrument before.
He said on the count of three for everyone to start playing.
I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out; I knew one thing, it could only go one way or the other.
It could’ve been exceptionally miraculously beautiful, or absolutely horrendously awful!

Or so I thought😉
On the count of three,  everyone started playing their instruments.
To my ears, it was absolutely awful, but at the very second they begin playing, I experienced something amazing that had never happened to me before.

it was like I was being refilled with the Holy Ghost ….. and I heard God speak “No matter what anybody says, it will always be praise to Me.”
We hear with the natural ear, and it is very much different from what God hears. He hears the intents our hearts.

He IS an awesome God!!!
What is the intent of your heart speaking today?


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