Her Absence​

I once read “when you truly miss someone, their absence speaks greater that the presence of others.”

nana 2

Many days ago I was driving home, and I began to think about her approaching birthday. I miss her today as much as I did at first when she went home. So very much.

I can still see her sitting across the table from me as we drank coffee together. I can hear her laugh and see her smile. Truthfully I’ve never seen anyone smile as big as her. A smile that made every worry disappear.

This particular day the tears flowed more so than they ever had before. Even voicing how much I miss her cannot express the depth of her absence in my life. As I moved my hand to wipe the tears from my cheek, I realized ………. she still can make me smile.

Happy birthday my sweet friend.
You are greatly missed.
Until we meet again.


One thought on “Her Absence​

  1. Yes!!! I miss Arlene so much !!! Such a kind gentle lady !!! Arlene was my very first friend when I moved to New Waverly !!! She was there for my family and I !!! Rest peaceful my sweet sister !!! Your sister in Christ Patsy!!!!!

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