Created to Connect



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It can be easy to miss the point of the video.

Hint: It has nothing to do with her needing help… but everything to do with the need to connect with each other on an intimate level. (intimacy = into me you see)

We’re uniquely created like that… with a need to connect.

I admit, I have often gotten caught up being so “busy” (dishes, laundry, cooking, paying bills, auto maintenance, being a mom, ministry) that I have failed to “see” the person I married. Though I see “A” man, I have often failed to see past the “man” and see the person.. “my husband.” and in doing so, I have forgotten to be the “wife.”

I want to be a good wife, and sometimes I measure my success as a wife by the amount of things I do… when it’s really not about that. It’s everything about how I “am the wife to my husband” by giving of myself “to” him in quality time and attention. Something I’m going to purpose in my heart to work on.

I‘m thankful for this reminder. Thank you, Alexandria Lucas, for sharing this with me. I needed this.

Thank You, Heavenly Father for marriage… that’s designed to be like our relationship with you.

Thanks for reading.
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Video Credit: Bright Side

Author (Video) Credit: Richard Paul Evans


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