His Love


beyond the veil.0.jpg


There’s a place he calls those,

He has marked as his own.

There’s a place he calls them to,

this world has never known.


Far away from this time

into the place of holy,

beyond the darkness of this world

through the veil He draws me.


His love so passionate,

most intimate and deep,

beyond the veil I go,

as he gently calls to me.


He lifts me up before him,

He tells me He loves me so…

His presence pours into me,

His Spirit into my soul.


In this place of holy

forever I long to stay,

just to feel my saviors touch,

where earthly cares fade away.


His ways are perfect!

Great and wonderful is He!

Oh! To know the Master

and abide in His love for me


Written by Paula Allday 06/25/2017


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